Here at the World’s Fair Co. we imagine a future of abundance, continued progress, immense beauty, and human flourishing. Through human ingenuity, technological progress, and hard work we’ll be able to build this world for everyone.

To get you thinking about the future you could be living in, we partnered with the brilliant Don Clark from Invisible Creature to design a series of aspirational posters of our future. Each poster represents a theme that we’ll be exploring at the Fair, in our upcoming media, and through the immersive experiences we’ll launch leading up to the Fair.

We’re making them available for purchase today on Level Press where you can buy a high quality print with or without a frame. (Though if you buy a frame through Level Press, they’ll even plant a tree for you, which is pretty sweet). If you’re interested in a set or want to place a custom order, get in touch. We’d love to do some more collabs with founders of organizations working to build the future.

From here, we’re kicking off development of our first immersive experience that will transport you to a not-so-distant future. But first, we need to make a few hires. If you want to join the team, please take a look at our Get Involved page to view our open roles and subscribe to our newsletter on substack to be kept in the loop on events and creative sessions.