Big projects are easier promised than built, and the next great World’s Fair is no exception. To make sure we deliver (and are held accountable), we’ve developed a strategic plan that allows us to execute on the Fair in manageable pieces. These pieces break down into three phases with a set of milestones along the way. We’ll be writing more about this strategic plan in the coming months, but today I wanted to publicly share the completion of the first of these milestones in Phase 1!

Over the last year, our work has focused on building the foundations of the organization, developing a plan of action, and lining up the resources we need to execute. Here’s what we accomplished:

  • Raised a financing round for exploration and research
  • Recruited a team of Founding Fellows, advisors, and supporters
  • Built a community of hundreds of futurists that are following the Fair’s journey
  • Conducted market research across a variety of immersive experiences, the Expo, and technology & futurism conferences to design our unique experience
  • Created an early map of our Fairgrounds, featuring our Pavilions and Immersive Worlds
  • Defined our product (“what is the Fair”) and the impact we want it to have on guests
  • Formulated an execution plan, with timelines, budgets, and necessary hires
  • Began visual development of the Fairgrounds and of other products that illustrate our narrative of the future we believe in
  • Created visual products as the first outputs that illustrate our narrative of the future
  • Established the World’s Fair Co. as a 501c3 to best serve our mission and develop a public good.

So, yes. Lots of progress so far… but we’ve got a long way to go. In the next month or so, we’ll celebrate this milestone publicly and jumpstart Milestone 2. From there, we’ll be building out our full time team, designing the Fairgrounds, and growing a community of builders around the next great World’s Fair.

Keep an eye out for open roles… we’ll be hiring soon.