Building the World's Fair Co.

We believe in building in public and want to bring you along for the journey. The logs below are updates of progress along the way. For all other updates and discussions, make sure to join our mailing list.

Essay Launch
Essay Launch
Introduced the idea for the next great World's Fair which reached #1 on Hacker News and has been read by over 25k people.
Emergent Ventures Grant
Emergent Ventures Grant
Awarded a Progress Studies grant from Emergent Ventures, which we leveraged to raise a small round to finance the Fair's initial research and development.
Creative Charrette #1
Gathered a group of creatives to explore the Fair's opening experience, our "Mainstreet USA of the Future."
Virtual Charrette Sprint
Virtual Charrette Sprint
Hosted 23 creative sessions with over 70 people to explore the core themes of the Fair and outline a map of the Fairgrounds.
Dubai Expo
Visited the Dubai Expo to get a feel for mega-event operations, meet with prospective advisors, and conduct market research.
Milestone 1
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Stories Launch
Launched Stories of Our Future with Invisible Creature to ignite curiosity for the future we could be living in.
What's next?
We're beginning to design our first immersive experience set in one our our Immersive Worlds. Stay tuned…