To ensure that we support and maintain an aligned vision for the future, the World’s Fair Co. is operating with a clearly defined set of principles and values. These will shape our product roadmap, hiring, partnerships, and ultimately the vision for the future that we want to exist.


The World’s Fair Co. vision for the future operates around a simple set of values:

  • Abundance over scarcity
  • Human flourishing
  • Continued Progress
  • Beauty

Creative Ethos

Our World’s Fairs are creative projects. Through them, we tell stories about our future that are not deterministic or prescriptive, but inspirational. As best we can, we avoid moralizing specific interests or ideas; instead, we choose to paint a compelling vision for where we could go. In our development process, we will ensure the experiences we’re creating for guests are of the utmost quality and exceed all reasonable standards for excellence.

To preserve this creative ethos and the integrity of our product, at no point will creative control of any part of the Fair be ceded to any committee or corporation.


All of the World’s Fair communication and financial records will be accessible for public scrutiny. Reputable journalists will have unfettered access to internal documents and our executive team to ensure we’re operating with integrity and in alignment with our values. Not only will this transparency develop goodwill with the public, but it will reduce the likelihood that any individual or organization will attempt to use the Fair to advance their personal or a misaligned agenda. Further, complete financial transparency will ensure that every dollar is accounted for and used in service of the Fair’s mission.