Our Mission

In 1933, Chicago opened the gates to its second World's Fair — providing 39 million guests with inspiration and optimism in a period rife with scarcity and hopelessness. In the middle of the Great Depression, this Fair served as a north star, showing how science, industry, and human ingenuity could lead to a better tomorrow.

Nearly a century later, our world is not so different. Ahead of us are both enormous challenges and enormous opportunities. If we choose to aim high and build, future generations will live in a world of abundance, progress, human flourishing, and beauty.

To achieve this vision, we must first create a culture that believes our future is worth fighting for. We must tell stories about the future that empower us — stories of a world that we're excited to live in and are inspired to build.

We founded the World's Fair Co with this belief as our focus. Our mission is to inspire optimism and hope for the future by telling stories that ignite the imagination. Through media, immersive experiences, and the next great World's Fair, we're building an institution that celebrates the work being done today to shape the world of tomorrow.

An incredible future lies ahead. We dare to dream big and build it.